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About Us

ENVA PLAX HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED is dedicated to serving and protecting the environment. We assist people in eliminating l environment-harming methods and adopting sustainable solutions. We ardently believe in our ideology “Recycle for Life Cycle sustainability is a lifestyle”, and are committed to helping everyone live by it. We have a 3C (Consult, Conceptualize, Craft) approach while providing our 100% biodegradable, premium quality solutions.


Most of the global population, individuals and corporations are now aware of the neg- ative impact of plastic and are willing to reduce or at best eliminate its usage. The team at ENVA PLAX HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED very well understands the effort it takes to bring this change in mindset and processes as well. We proudly assist and consult everyone who approaches us for the same.


It is a solution crafted after considering all basics of sustainability: economic, environmental, and societal. For packaging to be deemed sustainable, the best firms conduct a detailed life cycle analysis to determine its environmental impact, rather than just its composition. ENVA PLAX HOLDINGS PRIVATE LIMITED is dedicated to ensuring the same standard of its products and services.


Sustainable reporting is the disclosure and communication of Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) goals—as well as a company’s progress towards them. Organizational report about the performance of 4 key areas – Environment, Social, Governance, Health, and safety.


Our lifestyles shape our behavioural patterns, and, from a sustainability standpoint, these patterns determine our footprint. We all must provide a better human society and a better planet for future generations. Our preferences and choices contribute to this sense of responsibility.