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How to make your stationery more Sustainable?

Single-use plastic has been an integral part of our lives, be it in our pencils, pens, diaries, or more.
To help you all make better choices, Enva Plax has rolled out greener and cleaner alternatives to such products!
Check out what we came up with!!!

Handmade Diaries

Who doesn’t love diaries?
We are sure we all do! Never experience a dull moment in your life with our colorful range of handmade diaries, perfect to scribble notes, doodle, or jot any random idea you have!

Seed Pencil

Don’t waste time looking for a better pencil when you have a seed pencil!
At the tip of this unique pencil, you’ll see a small seed capsule.
Write, draw, doodle & design, until your pencil is too short to use, then turn it upside down, plant it & enjoy watching it grow into fresh organic vegetables.

Seed Pens

Why choose a seed pen?
Seed pens are sustainable, plantable pens that give an old pen a new life. The end is filled with seeds and when planted upside down, can grow herbs and vegetables.
These are not “use and throw” pens, these are “Use and Grow” pens.
Go green with these eco-friendly seed pens!!

Paper Envelopes

An empty envelope that is sealed contains a secret! How about using an envelope that looks amazing inside out. Wondering how?
The answer is simple ENVA PLAX Envelopes (they are made up of 100% handmade sheets)


Happiness is shopping for stationery!
Let’s make your stationery more eco-friendly with Enva Plax.
It’s a great way to start your eco-friendly journey with us, taking care of the environment and using handmade products that everyone wants.