Let’s Know About COIR

Do you want to know more about COIR?

Do you want to know about COIR Products?

Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut.

What is COIR?

COIR is a magical material for producing products. However, most of us don’t know about fibre and its use. It is a bi-product made from coconut’s outer part, mainly used in manufacturing eco-friendly products.

Benefits of COIR

The perfect way to reduce is to use compostable or recyclable products made from natural materials like coir. Yes, coir is used in manufacturing eco-friendly products, which means zero waste. We can also use it in horticulture because of its PH value and water resistance power.

Process of Making COIR Products 

While manufacturing coir products we have to follow some small processes:

  1. First, they collect the used coconuts and harvest their husk from it.
  2. Second is Retting, where they wash the husk with water. It helps them establish the reproducibility of the fibre and improve breaking tenacity.
  3. Third step is Defibering, where they crush coconut husk in a crusher to ensure maximum exposure of the husk to microbial without damaging the husk or the pith.
  4. Final step is Finishing, where they take all the necessary steps and make products with the bricks.

Products made from COIR                     

  1. Cleaning Brush 

Yes, this is a cleaning brush manufactured from coir, totally natural, and eco-friendly. Did you ever think about it. The waste, one day will become a saviour for us. We have many advantages with it, but the wondrous gift is that it can be decomposed and reused.

  1. Cleaner Brush 

How many microplastic wastes do you throw in the dustbin while cleaning your home with a plastic brush?

The answer is too much! So here we are introducing our little kitchen cleaner brush, which is manufactured by coir. It means 100% sustainable and no more plastic pollution while using it.

  1. COIR Pencil Stand 

 Coir pot, which is 100% sustainable and eco-friendly too. It can be used as a pencil stand, or a planter. Its properties help to retain the maximum amount of water, making it a hit product for growing saplings.