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Plastic Free July


Plastic-Free July is a collective effort dedicated to consuming little to no plastic. Throughout it can be truly shocking to discover how much plastic has become engrained in your daily routine. Mostly because there’s plastic in all places.


While there are obvious sources of plastic- like in single-use water bottles and food packaging- plastic creeps into our lives in other ways, too.


The good news is by becoming more aware of plastic and using alternatives to protect the environment.

Here are some alternatives to protect the environment!!



Eco-friendly Packaging


Eco-friendly packaging is equally essential in the journey to a sustainable life. When you eliminate plastic products, try eliminating them from processes like packaging and carrying things.

Difficult, but can do wonders!



Tips for Eco-friendly Living

It is estimated that 1.1 to 8.8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter the ocean from coastal communities every year. The majority is never recycled and remains on our planet forever. It’s simple to switch to biodegradable products, one small change can make a big difference. So, let’s begin!

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living surely has to be the way ahead. By making these little yet impactful changes in our lives, we can move forward and support this mindful approach. Have you ever made any such small change and felt your lifestyle improving.

Bamboo Products – Why to use?


Bamboo products are a simple solution to the single-use plastic waste crisis. We believe that our steps towards organic and biodegradable products can directly reduce the amount of plastic ending up in a landfill, rivers, and oceans, harming our planet.

So, feast in style and start zero waste life from today. Switch to eco-friendly products. We can all make a difference and create a positive future for our planet